Hasselbeck and Rosie Exchange "Forgiveness" Emails – Darn!

On The View today, Elisabeth Hasselbeck admits that, this past weekend, she and Rosie exchanged emails discussing “forgiveness.” I’m trying to remember what it was that Elizabeth needed forgiving.

The duo was discussing important issues last week, such as “America is the terrorist” in Iraq (Rosie’s view) or “America is not the terrorist in Iraq” (Elizabeth’s view).

If Rosie was asking for forgiveness, then of course, that makes sense because Rosie has the juvenile and mean-spirited manner of not “fighting fair.” She attempted not to fight fair that day, and you can’t blame her, because it works for her, usually.

If Elisabeth was asking for forgiveness, then she has lost any legitimacy she had with me because, well, that’s just lame. She is a grown-up. She did a grown-up’s job…what she was paid to do, and she did it with integrity that day. She was mad, said what she wanted to say and didn’t let Rosie get away with her sanctified death stare – willing Hasselbeck to shut-up.

If they were both seeking forgiveness, then we just don’t need to hear about it. It ruins Elisabeth’s triumph, as well as those of us who really didn’t care all that much, but naturally wanted Elisabeth to prevail, because, hey – we’re talking about our troops here.


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