Ted Kennedy

It seems conservative blogs have been of especially high quality the past couple of weeks.

As I read familiar bloggers, as well as new blogs (new to me), conservatives are tuned-in and offering-up penetrating, smart and, often, humorous commentary – as always – but even smarter and even sharper recently.

I found a piece this week that grabbed my attention – a long article but I read every word which was smartly and humorously put together. Ted Kennedy has a place in this piece. Of all the things we know about him, and disdain about him, Cao’s piece puts it all into perfect and current perspective.

If you feel overwhelmed with the global warming rhetoric, read Cao’s take on it. My thought is, “the 20 and 30-somethings need to read this, at least weekly,” and even if it doesn’t change minds, it offers plenty to think about.

You’ll find a few words about “Hitler, Marxists, Maoists and the Revolutionary Communist Party,” some thoughts about political spin, and keen discourse on stem cell research, and if you read Cao’s Blog regularly, you know she never forgets Our Troops.

I had a few chuckles from Cao’s Kennedy is a Blithering Idiot. With the news the past few days, a chuckle, as well as some food for thought is a healthy thing.