Sunni al-Qaeda Split in Iraq?

Various sources are reporting Iraqi-Sunni factions, with fealty to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda in Iraq, are unhappy with the alliance, and are breaking ties. After a plea to bin Laden to:

“…assume religious and organizational responsibility for al-Qaeda…”

but, still, continuing to see Iraqi civilian deaths a the hands of al-Qaeda, Sunnis are outraged.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq is believed to be comprised of mostly foreign fighters and be heavily financed by foreign sources. Al-Qaeda claims credit for a chlorine gas bombing, kidnappings, bodies found in ditches, trash bins and rivers, and destruction of city infrastructure and houses of worship.

An Iraqi Parliament member is quoted:

They [Sunni fighters] have realized that those people [al-Qaeda] are not working for Iraq’s interests,…”

It’s a big dilemma, and not one with an easy-out. Sunnis are fighting Sunnis, and being a Sunni is a complicated progeniture.

A leader of the Jamiat insurgency says that were it not for al-Qaeda’s 9/ll assault on America,

“…neither Iraq or Afghanistan would be occupied…”

There’s a lot of truth in that, because any war lord worth his stash of IEDs, knows that double-digit UN Resolutions are no threat at all.

We can turn this whole lament around. It’s reasonable to think that some Iraqis desire to live in a civilized society, and because of al-Qaeda, Saddam is gone, but school is open on most days and teachers no longer despair over Uday Hussein’s mid-day summons of a young female student. Remember Abu Ghraib, where real atrocties were committed, every day, before U.S. Troops arrived? Thank al-Qaeda that Abu Ghraib no longer imprisons Saddam’s political dissidents.

Saddam’s exit from the everyday life of powerful Ba’athist Sunnis, no long receiving dispensation from their leader and reduced to living the life of a terrorist on the run, has provided the motive to get that power back. The problem is, there’s no one Ba’athist to whom allegiance can be pledged – each splinter group has their own agenda, as does al-Qaeda – and al-Qaeda’s allegiance is not to the good people of Iraq.

Read this piece from Truth & Consequences (Jim Simpson) for Sunni Ba’athist background before reading the current news reports below.

The question is, does the split from al-Qaeda help our troops in Iraq? Read these analyses and see if you can figure it out: Counterterrorism Blog: CBN News on the Anbar Salvation Front By Daveed Gartenstein-Ross with links to Erick Stakelbeck “Re-Taking Al-Qaeda” and Bill Roggio’s “Islamic Army of Iraq splits from Al-Qaeda, Sudarsan Raghaven’s intriguing story of tribal warfare at the and this piece from the

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Islamic Army of Iraq Splits from Al-Qaeda by Bill Roggio – The Fourth Rail. Excerpt: The largest Sunni insurgent group has severed ties with al Qaeda and its Islamic State of Iraq; Sunni religious leaders oppose al Qaeda

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