Newt Gingrich and the Left – UPDATE

UPDATE: Just now looking around, and I find that one of my favorite conservatives, Thomas Sowell, is also questioning the lack of effective communication from our Nation’s leaders; in his words:

” Only where it counts — in Washington — are conservatives tongue-tied.”

Read Mr. Sowell’s related piece dated April 10, 2007 (after getting the general idea from my little hissy-fit below).

Originally posted April 8, 2007 5:40 PM

For several years Newt Gingrich has been my choice for President in 2008, but I changed my mind several months ago. While Gingrich is an exceptional thinker, creative and civil in thought and speech, and most certainly wants the best for America, he is deeply entrenched in Congressional friendships.

Thursday, Newt was interviewed by Paul W. Smith, sitting in for Rush Limbaugh. The news is next Tuesday’s debate on climate and environmental issues between Newt and John Kerry. When I first learned of this debate my reaction was, this is a very good thing. Newt has long been immersed in environmental issues and no one puts conflicting thought into succinct words better than Gingrich.

So, I’m listening to Gingrich and Smith, and liking the prospect of this debate, until…Newt emphasizes that the debate will not be a verbal “Wrestlemania,” points out his “long relationship” with Kerry, and then really rubs it in with “he’s a smart guy.” I am nauseous from hearing conservatives tout their civil accord with Democrats.

Smith pushes on and cuts to the chase, asking what all of conservative America wants to know:

“Honestly, you can take Kerry can’t you?”

Newt’s immediate, and defensive, response is,

“It’s not a question of taking him.”

You see, Newt wants to have “interesting dialog;” he wants to discuss “market oriented science,” and that’s all well and good – it’s a discussion this country needs to have, but the Left intends to bring America to its knees on this issue, fueled by the elite’s quest for even more wealth, by manipulating the everyday habits of industrious Americans. They have no interest in entrepreneurial-endeavors that expose the folly of carbon offsets and such.

Newt, we watch you on talk shows, read your books – listen to your every word. You tamp-down Democrat strategists with the ease of picking lint. You are tough and calmly aggressive until…until…you pair up with an elected politician. Those leading, shaping and interpreting public policy should not shine a light on personal friendships. When you do, we angst over it, for recent history has not been kind to trusting Republicans who, daily, watch the unthinkable parade in front of us.

We are not asking you to abandon the fine art of gentlemanship, but we are asking you to be fearless in revealing the absurd; for instance, a worthy debate might be Sandy Berger’s appalling behavior, or William Jefferson’s $100,000.00 bribe. Ask the sitting-Senator Kerry to make a public statement on these issues, and when the statement is veiled and lukewarm, keep after it until you get the answers we all deserve. Do us a favor and put the elected on the hot seat, and encourage other conservative leaders to do the same. America will enthusiastically support you. Let Kerry find other avenues to promote his book, as you introduce your new, A Contract with the Earth, in a more respected forum where you need not let down your guard to friendship.

We want our finest conservatives to take-on “taking” the Left. We want our conservative leaders to call them out, one-by-one, these rude, mean-spirited, and dishonest politicians. If you personally like the Left, fine – just don’t tell us about your buddyship until today’s dire issues have the opportunity to be settled by conservative measures.

Then you can tell us how fine Senator John Kerry and his cohorts may be. On a personal level, I concede that you think John Kerry is a swell guy, but when you “speak” such validation – out-loud, it hurts the conservative movement because the fence-sitter moderates look for the easy way out, and the Democrat strategists quote you, just as they did when you personally validated Hillary Clinton a few years ago. It only makes sense that we need every honest advantage, and praising the Left, when it’s not necessary, is to put your debate at risk. The problem is, conservative debate is just too proper and vulnerable when up against political friendships.

My message to all conservatives in the public arena today: Taking pride in the conservative nature of accord just gets us into trouble. It doesn’t work anymore. Don’t even think of telling us that you cannot bring yourself “down” to their level – that you will not stoop that low. Find a way to deal with these people. You’re either the person for the job or you’re not. We want you to “take” Kerry, Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, Kennedy, Murtha, as well as Specter and Hagel and the other Republican liberals. They will eat us alive if you, and other Republican leaders, do not.

Ending Note: As I finish the above, Newt is on Fox News Sunday suggesting that it’s best that Gonzales step-down, and Chuck Schumer is thrilled with Newt’s conclusion. Tomorrow, I’m sure, Schumer will be in front of a mic and a camera, somewhere, with: Even Newt Gingrich agrees that Gonzales needs to resign.

Now, Newt is commenting that “his good friends on the Senate-side” will tie-up the Gonzalez investigation for months. I do not advocate Newt or any politician misrepresenting their own criticisms of any branch of government, but I do advocate turning the conversation to an advantage for the conservative side – always.

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