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Stanford Matthews of Blog @ has agreed to be a contributor here at Maggie’s Notebook. I’m very excited about this because I have been reading Stanford’s work for some time now, and he never fails to provide good reasons to give an issue another thought or two, make me wish I had made “that” point, or make clear his penchant, and that of his Blog @ team, for quality research – always obvious in his posts – even when he rants.

From my point of view, Stanford’s writing is more about presenting the sides of an issue, pointing out the provocative, what makes sense or doesn’t, and when he offers his own personal opinion… it is often accompanied by a generous measure of cogent wit.

I asked Stanford to blog-down (as in “jot” down) why he blogs. Here’s what he has to to say:

With some reluctance to talk about myself, I am offering this ‘about me’
profile for Maggies’ Notebook and Conservative Blog for those who care to know something about the source of posts contributed by Stanford Matthews.

Much of what I ‘blog’ about is not due to being an authority on any particular subject. My interest is purely a desire to join the discussion on issues that confront all of us. My background is primarily filled with experience in technical endeavors of one kind or another. Public affairs or political experience are not part of my resume’. But like most people, I have an opinion on most public issues and research and prepare articles to support what I believe is an objective conclusion though I pepper it sometimes with personal views.

I have no party affiliation and prefer the latitude of judging matters as
an independent. I view the political party mentality as much of what is wrong with debate in this country. Being objective is a near impossible task but we must make an attempt or our opinions simply reflect personal preference or bias.

I believe there are good liberals and good conservatives. Finding either
is the difficult part. On hot button issues I have an opinion or a position. For instance, on abortion I am pro-choice but not for the reasons you might think. And that does not mean I view abortion as just another form of contraception because it is not and should not be used for that purpose. More on this later if you’re interested.

I am in favor of successfully completing the mission in Iraq regardless of how we got there. One way or another we will be involved in cleaning up the mess whether it is ours or not. That is a symptom of being on or near the top of the world leaders pile of contenders.

On immigration, I am definitely in favor of it. But not the way it has been mishandled for so many years. You will understand my position if you read any of the many posts published by myself or others at Blog @ as we are not concerned about who it may offend.

Whether you agree with me or not is not my concern. That you engage the process and allow your voice to be heard is important. That you participate in civic affairs is mandatory. The principles and ideals on which the United States was born demand it. It is a duty.

Stanford Matthews

Standford’s first piece is up here at Maggie’s Notebook – The Democratic Debate: Political Theatre. Visit Blog @ for comprehensive viewpoints on the latest in all politics worth blogging about.


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