Four 4-Star Generals Request Funds Before May 15th

An Iraqi who lives near one of the Iraqi police checkpoints shakes the hand of Staff Sgt. Johnny Colon, squad leader for 3rd Platoon, 127th Military Police Company, March 22, during his squad’s visit with the Iraqi police. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Marcus Butler

Four 4-Star Generals have written a letter to Congress requesting funds before May 15th. According to the Generals:

“Without approval of the supplemental funds in April, the armed services will be forced to take increasingly disruptive measures in order to sustain combat operations,” the four general and flag officers wrote in their letter. “The impacts on readiness and quality of life could be profound. We will have to implement spending restrictions and reprogram billions of dollars.”

Congress – those of you sabotaging the funding bill, do you hear this? Do you care? These are our Generals. Do you care? Republicans who attempted to get a clean bill through – stand in front of every microphone you can find and tell Americans the truth about what is happening.

We need conservatives front and center, NOW. Get MAD. We need you mad and outraged every single day. Speak up! Forget the television talk shows – they have only so much time allotted, and the Left usually gets the last rude word. Have a healthy rant in front of the TV cameras and microphones in the halls of Congress. Get on the great conservative radio venues: Rush, Hannity, Boortz and O’Reilly – and rant, then rant louder. Conservative radio offers unfettered time to speak out when the content is meaty.

Aren’t there at least ten of you in Washington, D.C. who can vociferate loudly through the 2008 elections? Name names. Speak out and forget the friendships. This isn’t about your good and longtime friend across the aisle, it’s about war.

Back to “do you hear.” Well, The House of Representatives are still on Spring Break…returning April 13! April 13! There’s a war out there, it IS a war on terror, and it isn’t going away. Our troops know what’s going on. They are in Iraq and Afghanistan – they are waiting and watching, and then they are waiting some more, because you are not in the House. And while they wait, they have absolutely no confidence in many of you.

The bottom line: the Majority – the Democrats, are willing to fund the troops if they get about $8 billion to take home to the voters. It is shameful beyond belief.

Read Jim Garamone’s American Forces Press Service piece in it’s entirety.

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“My Son will Never Come Home”Wake up America Excerpt: “My son will never come home,” an angry Natalie Healy said of her son, Dan, who was killed in Afghanistan in June 2005. “He would be horrified and ashamed of this country for what it has done to the troops. You can take that back to Congress and tell every single one of those men and women.”

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