Breaking News at Virginia Tech. School Shooting Takes at Least 32 lives.

The worst mass shooting in US history has just occurred. I can’t imagine such barbarity. It is awful to consider what parents must be going through. But right in the middle of all of this, when we are still trying to figure out what happened, the smoke hasn’t even cleared and the despicable leftwing media lowlifes are already asking the Bush administration if it won’t now support stricter gun control. How can they muster such gall? Trying to promote their Leftist policies right in the middle of this horrific event!

It simply defies description! What on God’s green earth makes Leftists believe that a bad idea suddenly becomes a good idea when something terrible happens? Was Columbine not bad enough? Conservatives believe in policies that work. If gun control were an effective preventative measure against such events, would we not already be supporting it? When will these idiots get it? Nevermind the unconstitutionality, gun control has never been an answer to anything!

Lax law enforcement policies and a depraved moral culture, both brought to us courtesy of the Left, are the fundamental reasons these things are occurring. Gun Control has never been shown to have any positive impact on crime. There are simple, but not easy, answers to these kinds of events that may serve to deter similar events in the future:

1. Stricter law enforcement.
2. Fast and sure death for perpetrators.
3. Repudiate the culture of permissiveness, self-indulgence and irresponsibility promoted by the Left.
4. Return our culture to humility and morality through reconnection with our traditional Judeo-Christian values.

Finally, the thing we all have to consider is that this may be a terrorist event. Our schools are a natural target and this would serve terrorist purposes in two ways: 1. Terrorism against our children is the worst thing we could imagine, and 2. once again, the Left will come to the aid of the terrorists (indeed, they already have) by immediately calling for more restrictions on guns. From captured al Qaeda training tapes we know that terrorists consider the vast number of armed Americans a significant impediment to their actions here. The left would seek to make their work much easier.

When my daughters go to college, they will go armed.