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North American Union Here Now: Part 1 from Faultline USA

Twenty plus stories from conservative and liberal sources that will change your world-view . . . loaded with vital information that ties the NAFTA highway system into the SPP.

DANGER, Will Robinson! DANGER! from The Random Yak Excerpt: Al Gore has warned Congress that failure to act immediately on the global warming issue will result in a “true planetary emergency.” Wow. Now, some of our readers might not quite understand what Alarming Al means when he discusses this in…

The News If the BBC were not allowed to lie from mikkel anderssons weblog Excerpt: Ever wonder what the BBC would present as News if they were not allowed to lie, distort, dissemble, or be biased against the US or Israel:

Music: The Pigeon’s Response from Diary of the Mad Pigeon Excerpt: My take on the topic are the pigeon’s eras of 80’s music. The first thing most people think when they hear 80’s is the Flashdance soundtrack and Kenny Loggins, but in my humble pigeon there’s more to it than that…

It’s Rosie’s Birthday! Yeah! from 123beta
Excerpt: I understand today is Rosie O’Donnell’s birthday. In honor of that I’d like to invite you to help Mr. Trump beat the crap out of her..

Al Gore Has Planet Fever! from The Amboy Times Excerpt: That’s right groovy guys and groovey gals, Al Gore is sending the left into a frenzy with his latest dance craze, Planet Fever! Bigger than Saturday Night Fever, Al explains his pain; The planet has a fever, Gore said. If

Truth and Hope Report: That Unpopular Congress from Adam’s Blog: Excerpt: The new Democratic Congress is as unpopular as the last one and more unpopular than President Bush. We discuss why including their $900 billion tax cut and Al Gore’s demand that average Americans sacrifice while he pays Indulgences-er-carbon credits

The Difference between Japan and the US from Planck’s Constant. Excerpt: Police in Asia do not spend a long time negotiating with kidnappers.

Women’s Rights at the UN from Conservative Thoughts Excerpt: Why are we wasting our time and money on this USELESS organization? Israel is a DEMOCRACY; they have the rule of law; they do not have the ‘fashion police’ running around ensuring that women are dressed according to government regulation or..

Mr. and Mrs. WhaT? from Woman Honor Thyself Excerpt:The California Legislature is set to consider a bill this month that would allow men to change their surnames upon marriage as seamlessly as women now can.

Kvetch of the Day: Bad Joke?…fire the BusDriver from Woman Honor Thyself Excerpt: A bus driver was fired after a Mus–lim couple complained that he insulted members of their religion over the loudspeaker.

The Uncooperative Radio Show! March 23, 24 and 25, from The Uncooperative Blogger. Excerpt: You never know what I am going to be talking about, But you can always count on Illegal Immigration and Gun Politics being discussed every weekend. For the rest of it, you will just have to tune in, or wait for the podcast. The podcasts automatically..

Approval Ratings of the Democratically Controlle from The Virtuous Republic. Excerpt: During the 2006 election, the left leaning media repeated the dismal approval ratings for the President and Republican Congress, over and over and over again. Yet Gallup came out with a poll on March 20th, that shows that the current Democratic con…

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