Kalisto89’s Never Again: A Message to the Iranian Enemy

I always find razor sharp content, biting and hilarious humor, and intriguing videos at Bullwinkleblog. At Bullwinkle, I found a video from a young (17 years old) Israeli director, Kalisto89. The whole world is probably familiar with this young man’s work, but I was not. I am now a YouTube enthusiast.

In viewing Kalisto89’s catalog of videos, this one is especially meaningful to me. Here is a young Israeli who DOES know about the holocaust and is smart enough to equate it today’s terrorists. I’m confident that there are many, many Israeli youth who are very aware; Kalisto89 has the talent to tell the story.

Here’s Kalisto89’s: Never Again, A Message to the Iranian Enemy – and a whole new mission for the rap industry:


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