Jessica Lunsford’s Justice

The jury is just in and John Couey is found guilty on all counts of the murder of Jessica Lunsford.

Three thoughts:
(1) Compare Couey’s drug emaciated skeleton at arrest, to his fat and bloated body sitting at the defense table today. Getting fat on the public dole takes on a whole new meaning.

(2) The Judge allowed Couey to “color” in a child’s coloring book during the trial, in full sight of the Jury. This man has no history of “coloring” and everyone knows it – and even if he did, how about imposing a bit of court discipline on the defendant. What a disgusting attempt to prejudice a jury. It didn’t work – but it might next time.

(3) “Talk” is that there may be a mistrial because Jessica’s father, Mark Lunsford, “glared” at Couey throughout the trial – thus prejudicing the jury. More “talk” is that Mr. Lunsford’s glare will not be contested because the Supreme Court has already rendered a similar case (family wore buttons with a photo of the murdered child during the trial) ridiculous. Any attempt for mistrial will be monetarily motivated by Couey’s attorneys – and cannot have anything to do with the facts. What a disgrace to, by and for the legal profession if this scam is perpetrated.

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