CAIR, the Flying Imams & 9/11 Flt. 93

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is back in the news supporting the six flying imams, and filing a $100 million lawsuit in their behalf. CAIR is America’s other ACLU – just as dangerous, maybe more so. CAIR works in concert with the ACLU – two major anti-American organizations working against this country. Here’s some info on the six flying imams, as well as a 9/11 Flt. 93 memory-jolt and a transcript of the 9/11 hijacker’s prayers to Allah:

According to Fox News five of the imams attempted to reach an out-of-court settlement with the airlines. Is it all about 1) money 2) disrupting and inconveniencing America 3) or terrorism? Perhaps all three, and none are acceptable.

I would not have wanted to be on U.S. Airways Fl. 300. Imagine that you were. Imagine that this was happening, and that nothing was being done about it. Imagine that the flight crew would not allow you to disembark the airplane. Nightmare! The U.S. Airways crew on Flight 300 took action. Another crew may not. This lawsuit will only serve to further intimidate our airlines.

Had these men not been of Middle Eastern descent, let’s just say they were skinheads, being loud, rude and unreasonable at the airline gate, or unruly on the plane, the skinheads would have been dealt with harshly. Had they invoked any prayers or curses that others could hear, they would have been arrested on the spot – probably for hate crimes.

Passengers and Police report that the six imams were praying “loudly” at the gate. No support from me for skinheads, but I think the comparison is valid because the praying to Allah, from the experience of Americans after 9/11, is a sobering reminder of the attack on this country.

Here is the chilling transcript of 9/11 hijackers praising Allah as they took the flight down::

The voices on Flight 93’s cockpit recording, the only one recovered intact from the four planes hijacked on September 11, speak in English and Arabic.

The tape begins at 9:32 a.m., four minutes after the terrorists took control of the plane.”Ladies and gentlemen: here the captain,” says Ziad Samir Jarrah, the Lebanese hijacker the FBI has identified as the pilot. “Please sit down, keep remaining seating. We have a bomb on board. So sit.”

Pressing the wrong button, he transmits his announcement to air-traffic controllers in Cleveland, Ohio.

“Is that United 93 calling?” a controller asks. There is no response.

At 9:34, the sounds of hijackers assaulting someone, possibly the pilot or co-pilot can be heard.

“Please, please, don’t hurt me,” a man says.

“Down, no more,” a hijacker replies.

“Oh, God,” says the man.’I don’t want to die’

“Oh, Allah. Oh, Allah. Oh the most gracious,” an Arabic voice inside the cockpit says.

“Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest!” one of the hijackers shouts over and over.

The tape ends at 10:03 as the plane nose-dives at an estimated 580 mph into a reclaimed coal field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, about 80 miles from Pittsburgh.

Back to U.S. Airways Flt. 300 and the six imams:

Pajamas Media posted links to the police reports, as well as reports from passengers.

I’m paraphrasing some of Passenger “Pauline’s” main points in her letter to U.S. Airways and vrious news stations, dated November 21, 2006 under her heading of “These are the correct facts:”

1) Although the six Imams were at the airline gate early enough to get seats together, they did not do so. One sat in first class, the rest in coach: one in the front of the coach cabin, one mid-way, she thinks, and the rest at the “very rear”.

2) When the first class boarding call was made, all six imams boarded, although five were in coach.

3) A woman passenger understood their language and “indicated they were making slanderous remarks about the American people, thinking no one would know what they were saying.”

4) The seatbelt extender was the most “suspicious thing”. The first class passenger and one of the imams at the rear of the plane asked for a seatbelt extender – neither need it for their girth – didn’t use either extender and placed both extenders on the floor beside their seats. The extenders were “about 18 in in length that could easily be used as a noose around a flight attendant or passenger’s neck to create a hostage situation on the plane.” Remember, one extender in the front and one in the back.

5) “Pauline” concluded that:

“They claim we have discriminated against them and they were humiliated. They fail to accept the fact that what happened to them on flight 300 was a direct result of their own people’s hateful behavior on 911, while once more trying to put the blame for everything on the Americans.

What about the human rights of the several hundred people sitting on flight 300? Most of the passengers were going home for the thanksgiving holiday. Don’t we have the right to get home safely for thanksgiving?…”

From the police report (read it at the Pajama’s Media link above) – Officer Desubijana, number 93:

“…He witnessed six Middle Eastern males in the gate area praying and chanting in an Arabic dialect. They chanted the words Allah, Allah, Allah. He then eavesdropped into their conversation and overheard them mention Sadam and heard them curse about the U.S. involvement….”

Again, I would not have wanted to be on U.S. Airways Flt. 300.

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