Thirteen Things about Me (Maggie) and My Notebook

Thursday Thirteen Edition No. 1

1. I love notebooks, papers, pens and pencils.
2. I travel to destinations with palms, palapas and pena coladas.
3. Wine is a hobby and was, once upon a time, a vocation.
4. Starting a blog saved me from Sudoku.
5. Books and movies are a passion.
6. I’m happy at the computer from the time I get up until way past bedtime.
7. I play bridge.
8. Once upon a time I played golf.
9. My secret life is to own a bookstore (kinda like Trina at
10. I pray for huge success in Iraq, for the Iraqi’s and for The War on Terror.
11. I’ve written a wine pronunciation guide but haven’t had the nerve to publish it.
12. I have the finest husband in the world.
13. I do not journal, but everything goes into my notebooks.

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