The War on Terror: First Principles –– Why We Fight

“So what is really going on here?” asks Lawrence Henry’s American Spectator article on First Principles: Why We Fight. Many Americans just cannot bear to ponder this issue any longer. The basic facts of 9/11 have fallen into an accusatory abyss: “There were no weapons of mass destruction,” or “Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.”

If we want to ponder the past, here’s an issue at the root of this global war: What if Russia and France were not directly complicit, with Saddam Hussein, in what we refer to as the “Oil For Food Scandal.” Without their relationship with Saddam, they would have nothing to hide. With their appalling complicity, they had to hide everything. Both countries thought they could keep secret their repugnant behavior (be darned those who desperately needed “the food for the oil,”) because the U.S. would surely not go into Iraq without their approval. We did, and when we did, either the clouds cleared or the sky fell, depending on your perspective.

We needed the world-body to stand-up. They didn’t, although — for the whole world to see, they resolved to do so and even put it down on paper through United Nations Resolutions. There would have been no war, at least not the war we have today.

In addition to the Hussein-Russia-France-connection, we now have these “allies,” Russia and France, furthering the aims of China, North Korea and Iran. We have some European leaders not giving a thought to the 9/11 casualties: American Airline’s Flights 11 and 77 and United Airline’s Flights 175 and 93, and those who died in the horror of The World Trade Center collapses.

The “United Nations.” What in the world does that mean? It should mean a uniting of Nations, but instead, it is a path to personal power and wealth. Resolutions are meaningless, so let us not work toward them, and then the United States can send the U.N headquarters to France, use the U.N. aid for something worthwhile and get on with business of keeping this country free, forever.

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