The Fairness Doctrine: Hush Rush

Senator Dennis Kucinich is discussing the Fairness Doctrine on Hannity and Colmes at this moment. His explanation of the Fairness Doctrine is simple: the “airwaves are to serve the public interest.” He skirts Hannity’s question: “who is the arbiter of the public interest?”

His statements are just simple enough for supporters to “repeat” because it sounds so right, so righteous.

A shout-out to the Democrats: “If you want liberal radio to succeed, tune-in, listen and support the advertisers. No one but the listening audience is impeding liberal radio. The audience can “fire” the show host anytime by tuning-out as they routinely do to Liberal radio talk..

The obvious problem for liberal radio? No one listens.

Still speaking…Kucinich is quite serious as he declares the “airwaves belong to the public and not to the corporations,” and he thinks neither you or I know this.

And more…the Senator is pointing out that a Fairness Doctrine law will aid in “achieving a free exchange and a multiplicity of ideas,” and finally, with a new law, we will be able to determine “if there is a balanced and fair representation” (in the media). A simple spreadsheet or pie chart will answer that question. We don’t need a law.

For background on the Fairness Doctrine, history from the 1930’s and 1940’s through the dissolution in 1987, and the new agenda of the FCC and the media, read
What the FCC and the Media Has in Mind for You and TheFairness Doctrine: A Chilling Effect, and then a brush-up on the The Fairness Doctrine, The First Amendment and all that.

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