Remembering Soldiers: Have you Lately?

Frankie Mayo, a soldier’s mom, had us all scrambling for air conditioners for the troops, in the early days of our entry into Iraq.

With the stakes higher than ever in the War on Terror, our military men and women need our support more than ever.

If you no longer have an “adopted soldier,” or need to get organized to send cards, letters and goodies to our troops, visit the Soldier’s Angels Homepage to find out how easy it can be.

You can adopt a soldier at the Angels’
Adopt-a-Soldier Page
. You can purchase and send the Soldier’s Angels Totebag, First Response Backpacks, good-quality beef jerky, sand scarves, calling cards, and even a teddy bear at the Soldier’s Angels Store. You’ll also find links to other organizations actively supporting our troops.

I recommend a visit to the Blackfive, a group of former military, passing along their take on today’s politics and our soldiers. Uncle Jimbo’s post: Iran’s Latest Attack in our 30 Year War will rekindle the memories that are all-to-often forgotten in our busy lives. That’s what so great about the blogosphere, there’s always someone out there remembering important things.

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