Debra J. Saunders: Free the Border Patrol Two

President Bush has agreed to look into the cases of Border Agents Ramos and Compean. If you have not already signed a petition, faxed or called the White House, read Debra J. Saunders article. It will hasten you to the aid of these men and their families (contact info at the end of this post).

Here’s a snippet from Ms. Saunders: “Americans should not put men in frustrating and dangerous law-enforcement positions, then lock them up and throw away the key if those men do one wrong thing, as angry, scared men sometimes do. It is not as if Ramos and Compean were crooked agents running criminal enterprises and betraying their fellow agents. If they were, they’d probably be facing a shorter sentence.”

And another sobering thought from Saunders: “As T.J. Bonner of the agents’ union, told me: “It’s going to be terrible. These are good cops going to prison. It’s not as if they’re bad cops who are going to be accepted into the community. The very people they put away are going to be in the next cell to these guys.”

My thoughts: Much of this case hinged on whether or not the drug runner (Osvaldo Adrete-Davila) had a gun. Aldrete-Davila said he did not have a gun; Agents Ramos and Compean said he did. Aldrete-Davila fled the scene in a van and it was approximately two weeks before any of this became an issue. So, what was in that van? We don’t know, but the U.S. Prosecuting Attorney convinced a jury that there was no gun. There are other issues said to surround this case, but none of them warrant 11 and 12 year sentences, in my opinion.

Let your voice be heard and stand-up for the protection of our borders and our border guards: Sign a petition at, and
Fax the White House @ Fax 202-456-2461, or call the Comment Line (which seems to be chronically busy) @ 202-456-1111 or the White House Switchboard @ 202-456-1414

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