Blogging for Beginners

As a new blogger, I was pleased to find this terrific blog. The writer is “Brice” and he’s a student at Rutgers. On his easy-to-read site, I was reminded to copyright my blog and to back-it up. He offered valuable information on exactly how to do both.

The Backing Up Your Blog section includes five methods of back-up, and at least one is a link to a site that downloads your entire blog, including text and images, and safely stores it, at no cost.

Under How to Get Traffic to Your Blog I learned about “Ping-O-Matic,” a free service that lets you choose among numerous “services to Ping” (some I didn’t know were out there). I clicked the link from Blogging for Beginners and made my first visit to “Ping-O-Matic. After making my selections, I “pinged” with one click, and then got right back to Brice’s blog page. (Two other services are linked as well).

Blogging for Beginners recommends free software which Brice says “contains a set of tools that no blog can go without.” I haven’t checked that one out yet, but plan to. His overview of how this tool helps the blogger is intriguing.

Tracking Your Visitors shows images of various tracking tools, and Brice offers his opinion of each.

If you need help naming your blog, or lighting your creative fire, you’ll find solid suggestions. Making Your Blog Look Good is there, and he says his most popular topic is (no surprise here!!) How to Make Money with Your Blog.

There’s much more, including the invitation to request a topic for him to address.

Visit Blogging for Beginners. If you need inspiration, you may find it on this helpful blog.

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