An American Response to a Jihadist Islam

As controversy spirals around our handling of Iraq, Iran and a Jihadist-Islamic response to the free world, Robert S. Kraft, attorney and writer, posting at The New Media, offers background on the world’s attempts to appease Hitler, why it didn’t work then and why it won’t work now.

“Groveling for peace, the national leaders of America and Israel seem to be begging their enemies for what should be the obvious, that “peace in our time” can only be secured by maintaining – and asserting – both the ability and the will to inflict a decisive and devastating defeat on any enemy.”

On “…peace in our time,…” Mr. Kraft says: “Now, it is up to the people of Islam….” “…a decision that will be made, overtly or implicitly, by choice or by conduct,…. “And they, and we, will have to live with the consequences.”

While Islam may or may not be at a crossroads, America certainly is. No matter what the Islamic world decides, the American mindset must be that America is the “decider,” and that we have decided to maintain freedom from the open Jihad on this country, and other free countries, as well.

To read Mr. Kraft’s entire article with the countdown to Hitler’s advance, beginning with the Munich Pact (“The meeting was a futile attempt to preserve the dignity of France and Britain, while allowing Hitler to seize the Czech borer regions.”) and his full take on “…peace in our time…,” go here.

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