2 Border Patrol Agents to Turn Themselves in Today for Shooting Mexican Drug Runner

For additional background: Border Patrol Agents Sentenced to Prison

My Short Summary: Two U.S. Border Guards, covering an area about 30 miles from El Paso, TX, are sentenced to 11 and 12 years in Federal Prison for attempting to defend our borders against an illegal bringing 743 lbs. of marijuana into the U.S. Agent Ramos came to the aid of Agent Compean, who Agent Ramos saw lying on the ground and bloodied. Agent Ramos also heard shots. He pursued the illegal, who appeared to have a gun. He shot at the illegal. He hit the illegal in the buttocks but did not realize that he had actually hit him (the illegal – who continued running and jumped in a waiting van). The illegal, Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila was eventually treated at a U.S. hospital and has been granted immunity by U.S. courts, the guards are going to prison and the illegal is suing the United States government. The U. S. District Judge denied a request that the two Border Guards remain free on bond until appeals or a pardon are accomplished.

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